chicago-temporary-staffing-agenciesWhen you’re in a rush to acquire talent for your company, it can be easy to overlook a candidate’s shortcomings during the interview. Sometimes professionals make a mistake – when you’re in a rush or even when you go through a thorough hiring process). What happens when your newest employee just won’t cut it?

What’s damaging about a bad hire?

At first, a bad hire may seem like a problem at the bottom of the to-do list. However, it’s something that needs to be handled sooner rather than later. If your business provides customer service, see that the recent addition to your team isn’t doing damage to your company’s reputation. Ensure all customer relations are being handled by people that have the necessary skill set. Additionally, talk to your workers and make sure the hiring mistake doesn’t have a negative impact on morale. Content workers are productive workers – always make sure you’re taking care of your people.

What’s bad about the fit?

Is there something about the task at hand that they can’t manage? Sit down with the new hire one on one and discuss what their strengths and weaknesses are. If it’s as simple as changing up your employee’s duties, consider alternating tasks to create an environment where your worker will thrive. A lateral movement within the company may also be beneficial, to create a positive change from a negative situation. A new job entirely may suit them better.

If you do make a change, how do you bounce back?

Account for any lost productivity as soon as possible to avoid financial loss. Cover your bases with a quick fix – temporary staffing can be perfect to fill a void. Explore your options for part-time or temp staff that can pick up the slack your bad hire leaves behind. Start looking for the right fit as soon as you can, and be more cautious and objective in the next round of interviews. Most hiring errors are a result of needing to fill a position quickly, so being more diligent will increase your chances for a successful science.

A bad hire can feel like a drain on company resources, but the mistake is not irreversible. Find a way to channel their talents, or hire temporary staff to make up for the loss. If you’re looking to fill a position, Davis Staffing has you covered. Start your search for professionals that fit, today. Contact a top staffing agency in Chicago today for quality candidates and helpful insights to the world of staffing.