What’s Appropriate from Job Candidates When It Comes to Emotions?


The job hunt can be brutal even for the most qualified candidate. Spending your days pumping out job applications, filling out the same information over and over again, hoping you get the call for an interview. You dress to impress, boast about your accomplishments, and then you get bad news. And the process repeats. It’s […]

The Best Way to Respond After Losing a Top Employee



It happens to every manager throughout their career, sometimes more than once: you lose your MVP. The individual with leadership abilities and a hardworking spirit leaves the company. This can be a devastating blow in any industry, but it’s a ubiquitous challenge. It’s far less likely that workers will stay at their post happily for […]

What Is the Difference Between a Phone Interview and an In-Person Interview?



The search for a new job is tough, but you finally apply to a position you can really get excited about. You receive that lucky email telling you that your resume or cover letter was selected from the pile, and the company wants to learn more about you. The next step is the all-important interview. […]

5 Workplace Hazards to Watch For


Employees are at risk, even in the tamest of office settings. It can seem easy to write off something like wrist pain or stray office equipment, but you have a responsibility to your workers. A great leader ensures that their employees are safe and comfortable when they arrive each day. Company environment can make or […]