Employees are at risk, even in the tamest of office settings. It can seem easy to write off something like wrist pain or stray office equipment, but you have a responsibility to your workers. A great leader ensures that their employees are safe and comfortable when they arrive each day. Company environment can make or break the success of your business. It’s essential to foster a positive company culture to attract and retain top talent. Here are the dangers lurking in your office:

1. Overtime

One of the most dangerous workplace conditions can be employees not at peak performance. Your staff should always be sharp and ready for any new challenges you may face. Too many overtime shifts will exhaust most people, even if they don’t want to admit it. Overworking your employees can cause long-term damage, mentally and physically. To keep your team well-rested, emphasize the importance of personal days. There’s no shame in taking off a day to recharge. It will likely lead to more productive workers ready to take on any challenge.

2. Strain

It can easily go unnoticed, but repetitive motions in the workplace can cause a physical stress. Common injuries in the workplace include strains, sprains, and even carpal tunnel. Even when employees are putting out great work, it may come at a cost. Be sure employees are taking care of themselves physically to prevent ailments that will put them out of work. Easy prevention methods to reduce strain and bodily harm include:

  • Taking frequent breaks from typing and bright screens
  • Stretching muscles with aerobics or light yoga
  • Using proper form with accurate keyboarding technique
  • Sit up straight to prevent being hunched over

3. Dangerous Work Space

The construction of your building can be the enemy. Between unstable stairs and blind corners, there may be plenty of unforeseen hazards in your workspace that might not be preventable. Teach your team that caution should always be employed, especially if you work in an environment prone to hazards. Even if your facilities are composed of standard offices, it only takes one trip and fall to decommission someone permanently. Go over the basics: Watch where you’re going, and know where the hot spots are in your office prone to run-ins.

4. Equipment

Talk to your employees about keeping all office equipment where it belongs. A reckless worker that leaves a rolling chair in an aisle can cause serious harm. Don’t take lightly the office supplies that can create a hazardous situation. Review with your workers the importance of being mindful of their space: don’t stand on unsteady objects or leave drawers open. Additionally, a tidy work area is always a great way to reduce danger at the office.

5. Slippery Surfaces

Be confident that your facility has no carpet flapping up or tiles coming loose. Have regular sit-downs with the professionals responsible for keeping the premises safe. Make a note of any hazardous flooring situations so that they can be rectified promptly. Any surface that has been freshly cleaned or mopped should have a sign indicating such. This is an easy way to avoid liability: make sure to alert people of any conditions that may emerge throughout the day.

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