The search for a new job is tough, but you finally apply to a position you can really get excited about. You receive that lucky email telling you that your resume or cover letter was selected from the pile, and the company wants to learn more about you. The next step is the all-important interview. The organization gets to choose the interview format, but you can prepare for either method. Here we’ll share the benefits of each.

Phone Advantages:

Quick Reference

You may feel that a phone interview is less important than meeting with a hiring manager in person. However, a phone screen can set you up for success. You’ll be able to research the company and the position and access all of those materials while you’re on the phone. One of the great things about a phone interview is that you can spread everything out in front of you for quick reference.


Additionally, there’s much less pressure. You can be more comfortable. You won’t need to dry clean your suit or worry about travel trouble and expenses. The flexibility a phone screen provides can be beneficial if you are trying to change jobs while being discreet: you can do a phone screen on your lunch break without taking any time off.

Casual Rapport

The secret to the phone interview is letting your personality shine. More often than not, this is why a hiring manager relies on a phone interview. Larger organizations depend on phone screens to streamline the hiring process and detect the individuals that have a good shot at filling the intended position. On the phone, you can be more casual and create a rapport with the interviewer, and emphasize how you’ll be a good fit for the position.

In-Person Advantages:

Shows the Company’s Interest

The in-person interview tends to raise the stakes. You can feel confident going into a face-to-face conversation with a hiring manager or recruiter because a request for an in-person interview means they’re very interested in what you bring to the table. This interview method provides you with the chance to make a full first impression and present yourself in a professional manner.

Evaluate Your Surroundings

Although a face-to-face interview can be more intimidating than a phone screen, think of yourself as having a leg up. You have the leverage of getting your foot in the door of the organization, figuratively and literally. Experiencing the company’s culture in person allows you to assess how you may or may not fit in. You’ll get to see where you’d be working each day and have a heads-up on the facilities, the people, and the overall vibe.

Two-Way Communication

An in-person interview also gives you more clues as to how the interview is going. Over the phone, you can speak to your strengths and hope the interviewer understands your message. In person, you can read body language and other context clues to determine how your answers go over. Building a relationship with the leadership at this potential new workplace allows you to feel more comfortable following up after the interview and expanding your network.

The Bottom Line:

Whether you’ve been asked in for an interview or you participate in a phone screen, confidence is everything. In any interview format, preparation and personality will make or break whether or not you get the job. Getting hired can be as easy as knowing the company, proving your skills and experience, and making a great first impression. This can be done over the phone or in-person. What matters is how you present yourself and your commitment to developing a beneficial relationship with a company that can appreciate your professional abilities.

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