We want to be your partner while looking for a job. 

At Davis Staffing, we treat your trust very seriously and will work hard to earn it, exceeding your expectations by finding a great job that speaks to your interests and goals while helping you grow. 

At the core of our recruiting and staffing work is integrity: Upholding our promises, coming through for both our clients and our job candidates and making sure we solve any problems or issues that might come up along the way. 

Staffing companies don’t make it to 60 years in this business without maintaining a strong integrity for candidates and clients alike. Here’s what makes Davis Staffing different from the other firms you might hear about — and why we think we can earn your trust. 

  • We want to help people. When you sign up to work with Davis Staffing, we will work with you to understand your background, experiences, skills and expectations. We will also go through a screening process with you, and with our client, to make sure that all information provided is honest and above board. We want to make sure our job seekers are getting placed in the job they expect, that matches the description and expectations they were provided at the beginning. We also want to make sure we’re providing our clients with a person who has the skills and experience they claim on their resume, something we verify through a series of skills tests when applicable. (This also helps you better understand the jobs you might be qualified for without realizing it!) 
  • We are dedicated to professionalism and excellent service. As Certified Staffing Professionals, the recruiters and the entire team at Davis Staffing are specially trained and recognized for providing the best customer service possible. We are trained by the American Staffing Association in rigorous content, including labor law at the state and federal level, to make sure all our clients are in compliance with safety and labor laws. This additional work is just one way in which we’re prepared to go the extra mile to make sure our job seekers are placed in jobs that uphold all federal and state requirements, including rate of pay, safety, breaks and sanitary working conditions.
  • Our team knows exactly what top companies are looking for – and so can you. When a company teams up with Davis Staffing for their open positions, a single person is assigned to them. That expert will learn everything there is to know about that company: what they look for in employees, which skills and types of experience matter most, what kind of company culture they’re building and what attributes they want in an employee to help keep that culture strong and thriving. In turn, our recruiters know exactly who will be a great fit for their client and can help you present yourself in the best possible way to get the interview and land the job. We’ll also present to you jobs that best meet your abilities and that give you the best chance of landing a job quickly. 
  • Your success is our success. Our job as recruiters is to be a professional matchmaker. We take the information you give us, ask a few questions to learn a little more about you as a person and as an employee, then use that information to find a good match, or several good options, in order to help you meet your goals. When you land a great new job, we’re thrilled! If you come back to us and say something wasn’t right, that the environment wasn’t positive or healthy or that the job was much different than what you applied for, we’ll work to make it right. We stand by our professionalism and work hard to uphold the standards we’ve established as an ethical company with integrity and will do what we need to do to address any discrepancies. We won’t be satisfied until you are. 

Davis Staffing is, and always has been, a certified woman-owned business enterprise, available to our clients and customers day and night to make sure we can support your needs as they arise. We promise you we will work quickly and ethically to provide the best possible outcome: a good job that meets your needs and interests and allows you to grow in confidence, experience and practice. 

If you’re ready to learn more, please give Davis Staffing a call! Or take a look at the jobs we have available and let us know what sounds interesting; we’ll take it from there. You have our word.