Congratulations! After looking for a new position for what might feel like an eternity, you’ve gone through the interview process and have received an offer for a new job that feels like a great fit. That’s fantastic!  Even if you’re thrilled about it, you don’t have to say yes right away. 

But before you accept, there are a few things to consider. 


  • Consider your full amount of payment — ask questions if needed. With the offer, you should have received details about compensation. This includes not just your salary or base rate of pay, but your paid time off, benefits, retirement (pension or 401k, etc.) contribution, sick time allotment, etc. Factor all of that in and determine whether that meets your needs. This is especially true if the offer is for a rate of pay similar to what you’re making now; most people look to change jobs in order to make more, not less. Do the math. It might be tricky, but ask for clarification if needed and make sure things are worth it. 
  • What’s the company’s reputation in the community? Is it stable? Getting in on the ground-floor of a new venture can sound really exciting, especially if you’re bored at your current job and feel like your skills are getting dated. But if the company you’re looking to join isn’t well-established, or if people raise an eyebrow and look skeptical when you tell them they’ve made you an offer, that might be a red flag worth reconsidering. Take a little time and look around online for reviews of the company from people who do, or used to, work there — what do they have to say about it? It’s good to know some sense of what you’re getting into. 
  • Ask about other perks. Once you’ve gone through the pay and benefits details, see if other perks are available. Does the company offer, for example, discounted gym memberships? Do employees get time off to volunteer? Do you have to pay for parking if you work in a busy area, or is that covered? If you do have to pay for it, is it at a discounted rate? What about flexible scheduling when needed? If you’re new in your career, ask about whether there are promotion, advancement and training opportunities to further your skills. A company willing to invest in training and educational opportunities for its employees is one worth considering. 
  • Consider your personal life. A great job with a long commute means you’re spending less time at home with people who matter to you, or on hobbies or activities you enjoy. A rotten job with a great commute might mean you come home miserable and stressed out, making you less present in your real life. Or will this job afford you the flexibility you need to be there for your family and friends while still fulfilling your work responsibilities? Will you have time to add skills to your resume? A job offer is more than just the amount of pay you receive for the hours you work; your life, and the quality of it, needs to be factored in. 
  • Ask yourself: How do I feel about this? People have different reasons for looking for a new job. All are valid. When you get a job offer, know that you don’t have to accept it! If you’re not excited about the opportunity, that’s reason enough not to take it. If you have any qualms about it, any feeling of unease or uncertainty, that’s reason to pause, take a moment and think about it. Talk it over with people who you know and trust. If you feel excited, energized and ready to go, that’s a good sign!  Just make sure this is something you want to do, a position to which you want to commit yourself for at least a reasonable amount of time. If you’re not sure, it’s ok to say no and give yourself time to find something else that makes you happy to get up and go to work in the morning. 

Getting a job offer is a great start. But make sure the numbers, the time and the opportunity adds up to something that will improve your life, not add stress or disappointment to it. 


If you’re finding that the offer is less than what you’d hoped, Davis Staffing can help you continue your search in a more deliberate way. We work with companies looking for skilled people with your background and we’d be happy to share your resume with them. Contact Davis Staffing today and let’s get started!