Injuries on the job can occur regardless of the kind of industry in which you operate. Losing an employee to injury, especially one that happens while on the clock, can create many headaches, from workers comp paperwork and loss of productivity to increased stress among your team and concerns about the overall safety of your establishment. 

June is National Safety Month, providing a great opportunity to talk with your team about workplace safety and everyone’s role in it — because a safe working environment is everyone’s responsibility. 

Here are a few ideas to engage your team for a safer workplace. 

  • Be prepared.

    When’s the last time your company had a fire drill? Or a discussion about what to do in the event of bad weather? Do your employees know where to find a first aid kit? Is anyone CPR certified? When’s the last time your company had a workplace safety training session? Taking little steps to make sure people know what to do when or if an emergency happens is a good first move to make everyone safer. 

  • Embrace the idea of wellness.

    It might sound a little New Age-y, but we’re not telling you to break out the incense just yet. Remind your employees about the importance of some basic things, like staying hydrated and getting enough rest. Talk about ways to reduce stress and how to improve time management skills in order to get things done efficiently without creating more pressure on individuals. Encourage your team to take breaks — real breaks, ones that involve leaving their workspace for a few minutes, walking around, maybe stepping outside for a few minutes, and getting some fresh air. Taking care of their health will help reduce stress, which will make them happier at home and at work. Everyone wins. 

  • Look for tripping and other safety hazards.

    It’s time to talk a walk around the office and see how many stray wires can be found. Are all rugs smoothly positioned on the floor? Is there any water collecting where it shouldn’t be? Are your fire extinguishers up to code? If you use ladders, do the legs have slip-proof covers on them to keep the ladder from moving unexpectedly? Little out-of-place things can create big problems if they’re not addressed quickly and properly. 

  • Make it fun.

    This might be greeted with some eye rolls, but try to make a game out of safety preparedness. People learn and retain more information better when they’re having some fun with it. Games are a great way to learn and to make what can be (let’s be honest) boring and dry information a little more engaging. It’s worth a try! Don’t forget to have prizes on hand for the winning person or team to make it worthwhile. 

Regardless of job title or seniority, safety benefits everyone and is up to everyone. Be sure to lead by example and encourage your employees to speak up if they see something out of place. These steps also will show your team that you value them and their safety as people and not just employees. 

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