light industrial jobs

Looking for a new role? Seeking a transition into a different industry? Check out Davis Staffing’s top seven light industrial jobs that may be just right for you.

1. Machine Operator

One of the biggest demands in the light industrial arena is the machine operator – this role is essential to a successful operation. Take on this job if you want to help in the manufacturing process.

2. Production Worker

This general labor position doesn’t require 10 years of industry experience – you’ll simply need to meet physical work requirements (working with tools, lifting a certain amount of weight, etc.) and to demonstrate you’re a quick learner.

3. Quality Control

Quality Control may sound ambitious to some, but it’s a great role to gain experience in. When you work QC, you can hone your attention-to-detail and efficiency skills.

4. Packager

Packing includes assisting with getting the goods together before they head out the door. While frequently overlooked, packaging roles are appealing due to alternate shifts and overtime pay.

5. Distribution

Also listed as fulfillment, a distribution gig is all about efficiency. If you’ve got good time management skills, you will be an excellent candidate to track and fulfill outgoing orders, often with the assistance of software and equipment.

6. Technician

A light industrial technician is a mechanic of sorts – they service and repair warehouse equipment to keep everything operational.

7. Customer Service

There’s a role for customer service in light industrial areas as well. If you’ve got some interfacing experience and want to transition into a manufacturing setting, industrial customer service is a needed role that could be perfect for you.

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