2020: A year unlike any other. Managing a sudden transition to remote work, or trying to keep your essential employees’ safe while on the job, has been a critical shift for even the most successful leaders across the country. If you’ve been able to retain your staff and stay productive, you’re incredibly lucky. If you are looking for a smoother path heading into 2021, it’s time to take 2020’s lessons and learn from them. Here are the primary takeaways from the pandemic for managers.

Lead Decisively

Ambivalent decision making can be worse than no leadership at all. While it’s important to gather information from stakeholders before taking action, you want to be proactive, especially in an emergency scenario. A unified message can help your employees feel confident in following your orders.

Be Transparent

No company thrives happily in the business of secret-keeping. Maintain open communication with your peers and subordinates when you can. This includes your sharing of information as well as active listening. Think of your team as a resource – you can learn and grow with them.

Practice Gratitude

Be grateful for what you have. So many have lost so much during these turbulent times, it is essential to take inventory. If you’ve got terrific team members, show them appreciation. Not only do you want to keep morale high and emphasize your recognition of their efforts, but you also want to retain them! Plenty of companies will be hiring, so make sure you’re the most appealing workplace for your existing crew.

Enhance Your Leadership Methods

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