questions to ask employers

Searching for a job in this market presents new challenges. If you’re looking for ways to navigate this new terrain, our tips will help. These are the questions that candidates should be asking every employer they are interviewing with during the pandemic.

1. Interview Sequencing

Is this the first of a few interviews? Knowing their interview timeline can help you know your chances upfront. If they admit they’ll request more than one virtual interview, you can plan accordingly.

2. What’s Your Timeline?

Knowing when a company wants to fill the position is crucial during these times. Budgets are not only tight, they are cyclical. You may be interviewing for a position that cannot be filled until a month or more, so be aware.

3. Biggest Struggles?

Don’t forget to emphasize with employers. It’s been a tough change for them too. Ask a hiring manager which components of their business suffered and how they handled it.

4. Sought-After Skills?

During an interview, ask if the pandemic has exposed any special traits in workers or skills they are looking for in recruits to help get through difficult times.

5. Protections in Place?

Your interview is your chance to interview your potential boss! Make sure you feel comfortable and that you’ll feel safe by asking about precautions being taken due to COVID, especially if you won’t be a completely remote worker.

6. Onboarding?

Ask what the onboarding process looks like in these times. You likely won’t want to be abandoned on day one without knowing how to proceed. Make sure your potential employer has a process in place to help you succeed early on.

7. Concerns?

To conclude an interview, you can ask straight out – do you have any concerns about me? They might shed some light on their operations or the hiring process in general that can help you decide if the role will be a good fit.

8. Flexibility

If you are not feeling optimistic about a specific role, you can ask if there are any similar opportunities available. You may be more inclined to make a lateral move or consider different company jobs if an employer is hiring for multiple positions.

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