In an industrial setting, it can be hard to know if you need a resume or what your resume should look like. Whether you’re employed in construction, warehouse operations, or manufacturing, you may have limited experience in filling out a resume. This is what you should include on your resume if you’re looking for an industrial position.

Be Brief

Keep it simple – in this line of work, your resume should not be longer than one page. Condensing your experience is the right move to provide a hiring manager with a quick snapshot of where you’ve been and what you can do. Lengthy resumes get boring fast, and you won’t be able to capture attention as desired.

Play Up Strengths

Working in this industry, you need to focus on your achievements. If an employer asks you about your experience, you need to be ready to describe exactly what you’ve accomplished. A social media manager, for example, can boast that they’ve created a program that doubled their profile interactions. Industrial candidates don’t have this luxury. Work on ways you can quickly and precisely show the impact you’ve had in previous positions.

Unique Abilities

Special skills are a huge asset in the industrial area. Many employers are looking for industrial hires that have advanced abilities or specific licenses that can help them contribute to the team. Any specialization you can advertise will help you stand out in a field of candidates. Think about software, machinery, vehicles, or tools that can show you bring something fresh to a company.

Find Your Next Industrial Gig

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