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When you’re looking for a new position, updating your resume and filling out applications can be overwhelming. Not finding the right job quickly can become discouraging. This is what you can do to keep up your motivation.

1. Prioritize

Making a list can help you take a step back and analyze the important things. Feeling stuck can make the job search seem hopeless, but you just need a new perspective. Get out a fresh sheet of paper and a pen, and begin making a list. What is your dream job, what are some attainable jobs with your experience, and what are your “safety” opportunities you’d be willing to take. Then, view postings for these roles. If you’d love to be a graphic designer, but you don’t have the right skill set, write down precisely the experience you need to gain to be eligible. Whether that requires lots of baby steps or a quick webinar session, put it on your list, so you have somewhere to begin.

2. Ask for Input

Being stuck in a job hunt may mean you’ve faced rejection. However, some good can come of this. When you don’t get the job, politely request some feedback. As you hear the news or shortly after, follow up by respectfully saying, “Would you recommend anything I can improve for next time?” or “Is there anything you noticed that could help me improve my candidacy for the job?” Worst case scenario, a hiring manager doesn’t provide it. No bridges burnt. But knowing what your shortcomings are, in an interview or as a professional, can only improve your job search.

3. Time Off

We say all the time that the job hunt is like a full-time job itself. Constantly revising your resume to fit the listing, writing fresh cover letters, filling out applications again and again… not to mention phone interviews and in-person interviews. Grant yourself the break you need by treating this search as a job – and give yourself time off. It can be tempting to file nonstop applications all night and into the weekend, but be sure to take a day to yourself to recharge and refocus.

4. Maintain a Positive Attitude

Perhaps most importantly, job seekers have to stay optimistic. Remember that the opportunity you’re looking for could be right around the corner, so stay confident and self-assured. Getting down and defeated can only endanger your chances. A desperate candidate is not appealing in an interview. Plus, if you aren’t currently employed, it can be trickier to get hired.

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