Fundamentals of a Leader


Are you tired of your people letting you down? It can be disappointing when your workers don’t meet your standards. To continue our fundamentals of leadership series, we want to talk about showing, not doing. A quality leader should be one of the greatest teachers, simply because they know how to break it down to get the information across to their ‘students.’ This is how they do it.  

1. Personalized Plans 

To appropriately guide your staff, create a customized plan for each staff member. You have different goals, strengths, and personality traits than your staff, so each employee should have a personalized approach. Talk with each worker one on one early in the onboarding process to establish their abilities and career goals, and continue to expand on that throughout their time on your team. 

2. Modeling Behavior 

Demonstrate the type of work ethic and behavior you want your employees to exhibit. The only way to solidify these expectations is to meet them yourself. For example, if you expect your workers to be respectful and listen during meetings, you’ll need to do the same. Likewise, arrive early with professional attire and a smile on your face! Showing up sloppy with your employees already hard at work can give the wrong impression.  

3. Teachable Moments 

During day-to-day tasks or while managing a project, your workers might make a mistake. Show your workers through the way you act and communicate that errors happen, and they can be an opportunity for growth. Think back on some mistakes you’ve made throughout your career. Have you ever missed a deadline or dropped the ball with a client? Chances are, you didn’t make that mistake again. Be that boss that you looked up to (or never had).  

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