Sitting all day at work is bad for your health. Even if you’re committed to eating right and hitting the gym, eight hours in a chair is a quick way to undo all that hard work. To access your healthiest self, embrace an active lifestyle throughout your entire day. If you don’t want to bring dumbbells to your desk job, there are still lots of options to exercise at work. Here are five simple exercises you can do at the office.

1. Walk on Your Break

Our favorite tip to stay active at work? Use your time wisely. Specifically, your breaks! Whether you take a full hour around lunchtime or opt for 10-minute breaks to get your feet moving, take advantage. This is particularly important if you work a desk job. Standing is the new sitting: humans are meant to move, so be sure to schedule time to move your legs and help circulation.

2. Meetings on the Move

Go mobile for your next meeting. If you don’t need technology for your meeting, why not take a lap around your workplace for your next group meeting? If your climate permits it, move your meeting outside! This can be really helpful if you need to brainstorm new ideas or just talk through a project. Fresh air or getting the blood moving can wake your brain up and stir up your input for better meeting outcomes. If your professional gatherings are feeling stale, get up and go to inspire some new thoughts.

3. Take the Stairs

If it’s an option, this is one of the most simple switches to keep you healthy and active at work. If you don’t have the option to take stairs at work, find a similar movement. Perhaps you can walk a hill outside the building, or find a few steps to give yourself some quick cardio. If you do have stairs, vow to never take the elevator and you’ll be that much closer to your step goal for the day. If you work on the 12th floor, don’t rule out taking the stairs. Start small by taking three flights up, then four, and keep growing your endurance until you’re climbing every flight without huffing and puffing.

4. Squatting

Squats are a fast, easy, and effective way to get some fitness in your day. Whether you work in an office or on a construction site, you can find a way to get some squats in. To challenge yourself, try a 30-day squat challenge or match up with a like-minded team member. If you want to get some daily squat exercises in, an accountability buddy can keep you focused and fit.

5. Stretching

Basic aerobic stretches should not be overlooked. Everyone needs to stretch, from cubicle-users to marathon runners. Multiple times per day, you can stretch your limbs to help stay flexible and fit. No need for backbends or yoga poses – just take a deep breath and take inventory of what your body needs. If your neck feels tight, roll your head from side to side, then 360 degrees. Keeping your muscles loose can help you stay mobile even at work.

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