Do you remember your first interview? Ironing the wrinkles out of your suit, trying to secure a strong handshake, wondering whether you’ll be able to make a great impression… it’s an extremely stressful situation. One way to hire the right candidates is to put yourself in their shoes. It’s important to balance empathy with professionalism. There are dozens of factors that complicate the hiring process and can create a serious strain on your ability to bring in the right people. Here’s how you can identify if your stress is affecting your hiring process, and how you can overcome it. 

Check Your Feelings 

Acknowledging your own emotions during the hiring process may be a very necessary step if you’re experiencing the challenges of recruitment. A shallow pool of qualified applicants can make you feel at fault as if you aren’t working hard enough to find the perfect person for the job. Struggling to find candidates is a common occurrence, especially for low-skill roles. Maybe you misunderstand your audience and you’re not recruiting through optimal methods, or maybe it’s just a slow time for hiring. Managing your emotions when it comes to candidates will help you effectively analyze your limitations and pursue better options in the future.   

Don’t Make Assumptions 

Stress comes naturally when you make assumptions. Jumping to conclusions about a candidate or the hiring process itself limits your ability to make informed decisions. If you view the applicants and lament the lack of higher education among the candidates, don’t assume you won’t be able to find a qualified professional. Being too constrictive with your job posting can give you the false impression that the candidates are not up to par. Instead, look a little deeper at the professional and life experience an applicant describes — perhaps a military career or years of work experience substitute a bachelor’s degree. Stay open-minded throughout the entire process to give your team the best chance at success. 

Recognize Their Fears 

Candidates are nervous about any number of issues: their job experience, the first impressions, the quality of fit. If you want to hire effectively, you need to recognize these fears even if you don’t see them as valid. You don’t want your applicants to feel crazy, but you have to regulate your thoughts in order to stay objective and make the best of this process. Being aware of your stressors and biases will prevent you from feeling like candidates are wasting your time, or that the job market is hopeless. When you hire, it’s important to remember how you’ve felt in the past during job interviews, changes in the industry, and even changes throughout the economy. Your ability to overcome these challenges makes you the perfect leader to hire great people that can help your team succeed. 

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