You see your employees every day, and you can tell when something’s not right. If your company is going through some changes or seeing a change in workflow, a great leader can evaluate what negatively impacts his/her team. Whether it’s tough clients, organizational shifts, or tension among staff, you have to be ready to handle low morale at work. If you notice a talented employee is less than engaged in their work, it’s time to make efforts to ensure your team is satisfied.

Better Schedule

Often a worker might not have preferential hours, and this can be stressful for someone looking for a little flexibility. If you want to show a top staff member that you appreciate them, try to create an ideal schedule for them. Perhaps they want to start their shift an hour earlier or later, or maybe they want to work an entirely new pattern. This small alteration may have a big positive impact for your skilled worker. If you trust in their skills and time management ability, keep an open mind and see what you can do to make them happy.

More Money

When talent goes unnoticed in the office, it can be difficult to stay motivated. If you’re seeing a great worker falling behind, it’s possible they’ve got a better offer available to them. The best way to ensure employee retention is to pay a generous wage. Work with upper management to see if you can create a larger salary or more benefits for an unhappy worker. If you fear about losing your most qualified staff members, be sure your rates are competitive. When you want to retain top-notch talent, you’ve got to be willing to compensate.

Great Culture

Think about all of the ways you can make your company an exceptional place to be. Is the office a little outdated? Consider a fresh coat of paint and some updated furniture to create a comfortable vibe. If your workers have to stay late and are concerned about child care, look into an on-site daycare. Some preferences will be more expensive or difficult than others, but they may be worth it in the long run. Think of these cultural improvements as an investment in the business: you’ll be able to recruit more efficiently and keep your employees happy.

Unique Benefits

Try tailoring your efforts to the needs of the individual. Perhaps they’re looking for something you haven’t thought of that you can accommodate. Sit down with your employee one on one to identify their needs. Perhaps they’re seeking stock options, or they want to work on new projects. Each individual will be inspired by a different motivation. Is your talented worker looking forward to expanding their leadership potential or learning a new skill within the company? Find out what your employee prefers, and see if you can make it happen. Embrace their strengths and work with them to create the best possible outcome for all parties.

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