Welcoming newcomers to the team is a great way to make them feel involved for the first day on the job. But how do you continue the process past first introductions? Employee retention is essential – the last thing you want as a leader is to be trapped in a cycle of constant hiring with a high turnover rate. The cost of that cycle is much higher than you want to admit. Here are a few ways to ensure that your people feel confident throughout their career and you can increase employee retention though simple onboarding tips.

Getting Comfortable

Often it takes a while to settle into a new position, even if you’ve made your new hire feel right at home. Learning new systems and acclimating to a new environment takes more than a day, so allow your new hire to get settled, and offer assistance and support wherever possible. Don’t forget that a new hire’s first day is overwhelming, and there’s a lot to process. A cheerful and energetic attitude on the first day could turn into an overwhelmed attitude on the following days.

Plan to Follow Up

Schedule time to meet with new hires in a few weeks or months to touch base. It’s easy to forget how long your employees have been with you (especially if they are doing a great job), but stay attentive. Checking in prevents large conflicts and allows workers to air grievances. Make sure personalities aren’t clashing and that you understand the full picture of the work environment. A great leader shows they care about their people by taking the time to bolster communication.

Be Casual and Consistent

You don’t want to intimidate your staff, so consider informal check-ins. New workers may respond positively to casual sit-downs where they can provide feedback in a comfortable setting. And be sure to meet on a regular basis to ensure nothing is forgotten or swept under the rug. What is important is to find the right method that makes your team members comfortable and to use that setting.

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