Getting the interview feels like an accomplishment and it should – you’ve got your foot in the door! But it’s only the beginning, and it’s easy to get flustered in a high-pressure situation. Avoid feeling overwhelmed, and brush up on the company before you get in the door. Feeling confident comes from knowing what to say. Be yourself, but come armed with some of these questions as well to feel secure that you can see yourself taking the position.

What are some challenges with this role?

The hiring manager will take this as an opportunity to warn you about any difficulties that may not have come up during the job interview. This could give you a window to learn about anything from the sub-par coffee to the strong personalities of the higher ups. When you’re considering a new position, you want to know any barriers you might have to overcome to succeed. Embrace these challenges, and feel free to tell the hiring manager how you’d conquer that issue.

What makes someone successful in this job?

This question gives you insight as to not only what kind of work expected of you, but also what expectations the company have of your professional behavior. For example, maybe the company culture is a little less relaxed than what you may be used to, and the hiring manager can tell you about how things are done in this new environment. It’s also an opportunity to hear more about the qualities or skills needed in the job instead of just relying on the job description.

How do you measure success here?

Asking this question allows you to know how you’ll be compared to others, and how best you can let your talent shine. You’ll know how performance is measured, which will allow you to focus your energies on the most important aspect of your work as emphasized by your boss. This will also be valuable knowledge for when performance reviews come around. You’ll have a better idea of what to say and what’s expected.

Do you think I would be a good fit for the job?

Ask an interviewer this and it makes you sound impressive, or you learn what you have to improve on. Chances are, you’ll either get positive feedback about how you’re suited to the job, or they’ll give you some direction on what they are looking for. Potential employers will be impressed by this question. It indicates you are interested in developing your career in this new company, and employers love loyalty. This question also presents the opportunity to see if your skill set and goals aren’t the correct fit in the long term.

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