The dreaded words no job seeker ever wants to hear. Once the job application has been accepted, an initial interview has happened, and then a few weeks of waiting have happened – one day you call to check on your status and get told that, “Your resume will be kept on file.”

What exactly does this mean? Turns out, this is what human resource professionals must do with every candidate’s resume, under employment laws like the EEOC. But what does this really mean for your job search? The answer may not be all that bad after all.

The job offer has been closed at this time.

For any number of reasons, the company may have decided not to move forward with the job. There could have been a budget cut, a change of departments, or some other factor that eliminated the need for this particular assignment. What does this mean for you? Your resume is on file and the hiring manager will revisit talks with you at some point in the future for another assignment at the company if they think your skillset matches the future opening. Be glad your resume didn’t end up tossed in the garbage can.

There have been too many applicants and the company needs more time.

In many cases, hiring managers get piles of resumes for every job opening they advertise. Literally hundreds of resumes flow in from emails, application systems, and referrals. If you call, there’s a good chance that the HR manager is a little overwhelmed and needs time to review all resumes. Take heart and know that your resume being on file means it will be pulled out of the big pile and reviewed.

You just didn’t make the cut this time, but you are in the running for next time.

The job may have been filled internally, or the hiring manager may have had to make a quick decision based on some pressure from the management team. Your resume will be filed in a secure place in the HR office, and you will be filled according to your skills and suitability for the company. There’s a good chance that at some point in the near future, you will be called in for another interview and considered for a job that better suits you.

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