Show Off Your Skills in the Cover Letter
The cover letter is just as important as your resume, if not more important, because it is the first document a potential employer will read from you. Every resume should be accompanied with a cover letter, even if the job description or advertisement does not request one. It is a way for you to go above and beyond to impress potential employers. We will discuss ways you can show off your skills in the cover letter.

Pull Skills from Job Description in Letter

The first way to show off your skills in the cover letter is to pick  two or three skills from the job description that you possess and discuss them in the letter. Figure out a story or two that explains how you are experienced in those skills and how you use them on a regular basis in your current job. The stories you choose must highlight your strength with the skills or else risk losing the interest of the reader.

Highlight Transferable Skills

Make it a point to highlight all of your transferable skills the next time you write a cover letter for an open job. If you have not experienced a linear career path, you need to move the conversation away from your experience relevant to the job to whether or not you can do the job for which you are applying. After your opening paragraph, move into discussing three transferable skills by separating each skill into its own paragraph. Make sure to use a strong adjective to describe each individual skill in the letter.

Highlight Culture Adaptability

Just because you fit into the culture at your current employer, it does not mean you will fit into the culture at a new company. Cultures vary from workplace to workplace, but employers want to hire talent that knows how to adapt to their culture. Use your cover letter to highlight your culture adaptability as a skill so companies know that there is no culture out there you wouldn’t be able to adapt to if hired.

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