Job searching is tricky enough in good times; when the economy is taking a hit (or several), it can make looking for a job feel impossible. If companies are cutting staff, how in the world can anyone expect to be hiring? 

Don’t fret: there are always jobs available! You might have to adjust your search or take a different approach to position yourself as an attractive job candidate any company would be lucky to have. 

Here are a few things to consider if you’re looking for a job during the current recession: 

  •  Be open to temporary work. Companies that are strapped for cash but have big projects and need extra people to help finish them off might have the budget for some temporary workers. These workers might not have the same benefits as full-time employees, but it’s a way to keep working and earning a paycheck, even if it’s for a limited amount of time. The bonus here is that you might be able to learn new job skills and, quite possibly, make some connections with people in a position to hire you to a full-time, permanent job when things pick back up. 
  • Try to stay ahead of the curve. During a recession, if you’re looking for a job, look for companies that are doing their best to make changes to prioritize staffing in their healthiest divisions. If a company has already “right sized” for the current economic situation, it is putting itself in a position to be successful whatever might happen next. If they continue to hire — if you’ve heard about a company restructuring or reorganizing in order to be healthy — any new position is one based on needs the company knows it will have and the company is likely confident the budget will be there to keep those employees on regardless of the economy. Innovative companies and those who have weathered previous economic storms are a good place to start. 
  • Talk to your friends. During economic hard times, companies might post open positions only on their website while asking employees whether they know anyone who might be a good fit for the job. This way, the HR department isn’t getting inundated with applications from candidates eager to get an interview. Ask your friends, former coworkers, previous managers, etc., if they know of any open positions at their company, or if they know anyone who’s looking to hire. A personal referral can also go a long way toward helping you get your foot in the proverbial door for an interview. (And sometimes companies offer a kind of finders’ fee for bringing in successful candidates!)
  • Consider a more targeted approach to applying. HR reps will be getting tons of applications for every open position they post. The best way to help yourself stand out is to be more deliberate in your application: Take the time to really tailor your resume and cover letter to match your skills and abilities to what’s asked for in the job posting. Plead your case from the get-go that you’re someone who can come in right away and start to contribute to the team. 
  • Don’t do it alone! In addition to quietly posting open jobs on the company’s website, an HR manager might let a staffing company know when there’s an open position. Staffing companies, like Davis Staffing, often have insider knowledge of who’s hiring and what they’re looking for and they can help you find a new opportunity no one else knows about! Recruiters work closely with companies and will know the kinds of background, skills and abilities will matter the most to a hiring manager. They can pass along your resume and speak up on your behalf with people who will be making the big decisions. With a staffing agency on your side, you’ll have an advantage over other job seekers! And you’ll have an extra layer of support to help keep you encouraged and motivated until you find the right opportunity. 


Job searching is a tiring, frustrating process even in the best times. It’s still possible to find a great job when the economy is in flux; it might just take a little longer. 

But that’s why you should reach out to Davis Staffing! Our recruiters are ready to help you find a great new job and are only a phone call away. Take a look at the jobs we’re currently looking to fill and let us know what catches your eye. Ready to make a change? Call Davis Staffing today!