Looking for a job can be so frustrating. You spend all this time polishing your resume, doing everything you can to write the perfect cover letter and answer all the interview questions correctly and if things don’t fall into place quickly, it can feel a little hopeless. We’ve all been there. 

But the good news is, you don’t have to do this alone! Have you considered working with a staffing agency, teaming up with a group of people who are aimed at helping people find good jobs that are within their areas of interest and expertise? 

Here’s why a staffing agency can be your best friend in the job search. 


  • This is their whole job. Staffing agencies have clients (companies) who are looking for people to fill open positions. The people who work at staffing agencies spend their days talking to people looking for jobs (candidates) and trying to match up the best client with the best candidate. And for those looking for jobs, this service is free! Doesn’t cost you a dime! 
  • They know who’s hiring and what they’re looking for. The companies that work with staffing agencies do so because they know it works. That means there’s a relationship between the agency and the company — as a result, the people at the agency know what their client is looking for, what characteristics, job skills, experience, background, etc., their client would prioritize and prefer in a candidate. All of that can help you! If you’re working with an agency. If you’re a good fit for a job, you can tell the recruiter you’re working with and they’ll let you know whether this is something to pursue. 
  • They can steer you in the right direction. On the other hand, your recruiter can also let you know if you’re not the kind of candidate a company is looking for, for whatever reason. While that might sound frustrating or disappointing, consider this: This means you won’t be wasting your time applying to jobs for which you wouldn’t be considered in the first place, saving you the grief and stress of waiting for a response that might never come. Your recruiter can also tell you what else is available that might be a better fit, steering you in a better direction right away. 
  • The process can move along more quickly with a little help. Hiring managers who have to go through resumes, schedule phone interviews, consider their options before moving on to in-person interviews, then decide who to call back for another round — they’re overwhelmed. They have to do all that digging before they can start the first conversations. By working with a staffing agency, the client will have access to good candidates much faster and all the people presented will be viewed as strong candidates from the start. If you’re one of those candidates, that’s a solid vote in your favor! The recommendation of a recruiter the company knows and trusts is like a reference and can go far. 
  • It costs you nothing. That’s right — it’s a service provided to you that you don’t have to pay for. Remember, the staffing agency partners with the companies; the companies pay to have the staffing agencies help them find candidates for open positions. You get to access the recruiter’s knowledge, skills, insight and suggestions, plus their assistance in resume touch-ups and interview tips, without paying anything at all. How great is that?!


If you’re frustrated with the job search, it might be time to call in reinforcements. Start looking for staffing agencies in your area and make some calls to see who can help connect you with jobs in your field or area of interest and see how much better everything runs. 

Davis Staffing is an excellent place to start! We’re happy to tell you more about our services and give you a list of companies we work with, or you can take a look at the jobs we’re looking to fill and let us know which ones might be a good fit for you. Either way, call Davis Staffing today and let’s get started!