how to move up the ladder

Your career journey in the manufacturing industry isn’t always a straight line – don’t be afraid to make different moves, especially if you aren’t currently employed. Here are the top steps for finding growth in your manufacturing career this year.



Higher education is a great way to guarantee career elevation in the manufacturing industry. If you’re an expert on the assembly line and want to put more knowledge to the test, a technical undergraduate program can help you take your next steps. When that’s complete, escalate your expertise with a business graduate degree – many institutions offer a supply chain management specialization that can give you a leg up in your industry.


Do The Job

Executing in your current role is the best way to advance your position with your current company. People get promoted by doing their current job extremely well. Even if you’re not in your ideal position, taking on your tasks and repeatedly delivering is the way to impress your employer to be considered for a promotion.


Create Connections

In the manufacturing industry, it’s always helpful to know someone. Networking within your company and your industry can help you connect with higher-ups to make a great impression. You want the senior leaders in your organization to think of you when they have an opening.


Be Proactive

Working in an entry-level position can be frustrating if you feel like you have more potential. That’s why it’s important to go above and beyond in your current role to impress your boss. Take on new projects, or specifically ask for more responsibilities so your employer knows you’re ready for the next step in your career when the opportunity comes. If your supervisor doesn’t meet your needs, it may be time to search for the next role elsewhere.


Make Your Next Career Move with Davis Staffing

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