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Finding a job is tough enough in this market, but there are more challenges than you may be prepared for. Tracking down a position is one thing, tracking down the right one is a different matter entirely. You don’t want to start working for a company whose company’s culture is not a good fit for you. This is what you should look for to find the right fit for your skills and ideology.

1. Morals and Standards

An employer is sorting through resumes, but you are looking for a long-term commitment. This is why it’s important to not jump at the first opportunity. You want to feel welcome and comfortable in your new role. One way you can identify if you’ll feel like you fit is by asking about the organization’s mission and values. This can help you see through the fluff and determine if a company adheres to its values. If there’s an initiative you care about, see if that new prospective employer is on the same page. If not, it may mean a fundamental mismatch.

2. A Tight Team

One way to feel satisfied at work is to surround yourself with the right people. Heading into work each day is much easier if you know camaraderie and teamwork awaits you. If you’re interviewing with a company, introduce yourself to your potential coworkers. You’ll get to see if you fit in while checking for bad vibes or tension among the staff.

3. Development Opportunities

A strong manager supports the team by allowing for growth and professional development. A great job is one that will enable you to continue learning outside of your typical day to day duties. One way to find out if the prospective job will be supportive is to ask preliminary questions in your interview about how success is measured in this position, and how comprehensive the onboarding process is.

4. Personality Alignment

Although it doesn’t always feel like it to job seekers, prospective employees have the power. You can walk away from the hiring process at any time, so remember that you’re in charge and think of the essential aspects of the job you need to check off on your list. If you work best in a relaxed environment, but this is a suit only gig? Not a good fit.

5. Job Security

Do you see evidence of turnover? If the hiring manager mentions recently filling multiple positions or discrepancies in a paycheck, you may be in an insecure working environment. If you finally get hired, the last thing you want to worry about is getting fired or having to do two jobs when your coworker quits. Ask a potential employer outright if they struggle with turnover, or if they expect to have to reduce their staff in the future.

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