finding talent

Right now, there are more candidates than ever in recent years. Layoffs, furloughs, and firings have left many unemployed or underemployed. It seems like a huge asset, but top hiring managers will tell you it’s also a massive challenge. How can you find a great fit when you’re buried in resumes? Find top talent with these tips.

Crafting a Compelling Ad

Creating an effective job posting is the first step in hiring a great employee. Utilize all of your resources, and create a smart marketing strategy to advertise your job opening to the right subset of candidates. If you’re looking for veterans, search your networking. Seeking fresh blood? Take to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Effective Interviewing

Establishing a great routine to analyze potential hires gives you the knowledge you need to hire for fit. Turnover is the enemy of productivity: to retain your staff, you need to refine your interview process to ensure you’re recruiting the right staff members in the first place. Try STAR behavioral interviewing techniques or even a more hands-on interview approach where applicants can test-run the position for a day as a conditional hire.

Appealing to Recruits

Once you’ve found a good fit, it’s up to you to lock in a deal. While there’s a massive candidate pool, the current economy means that individuals have a variety of options to move forward into a new role. You need to set yourself apart to make your company a desirable workplace. If you’re not sure how to sell your company as the right choice for local candidates, try digging deep to revisit your organization’s mission and values to see what type of company culture is present.

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