Become a stand out administrative assistance


As an admin, you are likely responsible for a number of moving parts in the workplace. Administrative roles tend to be the glue that keeps the organization together. Your office may rely on admin assistants to keep small details in mind and keep the workflow moving throughout the year. If you’re looking to further your administrative assistant career, these are the skills one should have to stand out among the rest.  


To go above and beyond as an administrative assistant, you will have to show initiative. A strong sense of go-getter attitude will help you show your supervisor you mean business. Not only is it up to you to take on your daily task list and be a reliable worker, but you’ll also want to seek out projects and take on additional items if you want to stand out. 

Software Experience 

Your role as an admin may require a few different abilities. Your responsibilities will include managing employee information or databases, and your job will likely involve a lot of communication through messaging or emails. Therefore, it’s essential for you to manage technology effectively. Any admin assistant worth their salt should be able to work with the entire Microsoft Office suite, as well as Outlook or other common email clients. If you’re working as an administrative assistant in a specific industry, such as construction or manufacturing, know the common tools you may need to navigate to do your job successfully. 

Positive Attitude 

As an administrative assistant, you may be representing the face of the company as the front-desk worker each day. As such, it’s crucial to be a positive representation of your organization. This is about more than a smile and a friendly greeting; it’s about exuding confidence and professionalism. Having a well-kempt appearance will be more important since you are visible and interacting with many different faces. Professional attire is a must, and don’t forget to treat everyone equally and avoid gossip since you never know what may arise during your time employed at a company. 

Great Communication 

You may be greeting customers, interviewees, and higher-ups daily, as well as completing phone calls and setting up meetings. You’ll need to be able to carry a conversation with a beginner employee to the head of the company. For a strong future as an administrative assistant, establish yourself as the go-to communicator by being clear and concise, and following up in an email where possible so that everything remains on the record. 

Marketing Basics 

These days, administrative assistants are being asked to take up some minor duties regarding social media or marketing. This may be a campaign, or just a quick email blast or Facebook post. Knowing how to navigate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram confidently, and Snapchat can impress any employer or hiring manager. You may be the face of the company, and helping the company’s public image can get you one step closer to the promotion you may be seeking. 

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