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Stuck in a rut in your current position? Can’t find a way to make the first move to free yourself? It can be hard to find motivation when you find yourself trapped in a role that doesn’t allow you to perform at your peak. For a driving force that can help springboard your success, here are our top three motivational TED Talks for job seekers. 

1. Before I Die I Want To

A truly innovative voice, Candy Chang, shares her experiences with a phrase and a blank chalkboard. Not only does Chang speak to community-building and a sense of togetherness and shared knowledge, but she also talks about the benefits of anonymous input and writing down unspoken truths. Chang’s voice reminds us to engage in self-reflection and helps us gain perspective on life’s most vital moments and paths. Watch this talk if you want to feel truly inspired. 

2. How To Find Work You Love

In this talk, Scott Dinsmore speaks about something many can relate to – waking up each morning struggling to understand their purpose. Life is too short to be miserable! Waking up day after day to the same struggle can be exhausting, but Dinsmore’s approach will have you re-thinking your outlook. Check out Dinsmore’s talk if you want to hear more about identifying happiness in your life, and creating joy each day. 

3. How I Learned to Read – and Trade Stocks – in Prison

For a final look into someone’s driving motivation, view this talk by Curtis Carroll. After being sentenced to a crime as a teenager, Carroll faced decades of prison time and overcame insurmountable odds to create a beneficial experience from his situation. Carroll’s growth from illiterate youth to a professional with Wall Street finesse will remind you that you have control over your destiny, and nothing can hold you back from your goals. 

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