You spend almost half of your life at work, sometimes more if you’re pulling overtime hours. It’s not always easy to brush away the stress that comes with being in the wrong role. If you don’t enjoy going to work, first why are you there? Why are you in your current role? Is it just about the money? Did you originally love your position, but now things have changed and you feel like you need to get out? Or are you seeking an overall career shift into a different industry? Before you make any career decisions, it’s essential to do some self-reflection. Once you’ve identified what the real issues are, you can act. Here are ten quick ways you can enjoy your current job.

1.    Stay Positive

Regulating negative emotions is one way to enjoy your workday more. Make sure you’re controlling your mood, despite the situation. If you’re overloaded by tasks or doing the work of two people, you may feel overwhelmed. However, optimism is key. Complaining and procrastinating will only make your situation worst, so maintain a positive vibe.

2. Be the Change

After assessing your current job situation, you may find that conflict with peers or supervisors is at the root of your professional unhappiness. It’s tempting to blame others or get bogged down in drama, but don’t be susceptible to feeling helpless. Harness your power and make the changes you want to see to improve your workplace. If two bickering employees are distracting you, act as a mediator to resolve the issue, for example. Don’t wait for change, make it!

3. Find a Partner

To relieve your biggest concerns at work, find someone to rely on. A supportive co-worker can empathize with what you’re going through, and if you can vent to a trusted individual you’ll be less likely to lash out. If you can’t confide in a co-worker, find a friend that’s understanding. Sharing your feelings will help you purge the anxiety and get back to your to-do list.

4. Use Perspective

Think from the opposite point of view to operate more effectively in the workplace. You’ve probably heard the idea that everyone you meet is facing a different kind of challenge, so it’s best to be kind. This applies at work too! You never know what your colleagues are going through privately. Cheer up your team and be thoughtful each day.

5. Stay on Task

Don’t get caught up in office politics. You may be unhappy at work because you’re getting lost in distractions or gossip. If you feel the need to re-center, just get back to the work! Write down the tasks you need to accomplish and don’t deviate from the list to keep yourself focused.

6. Remain Committed

Sometimes it helps to reframe and think about the big picture on the job. It’s easy to get down on yourself while doing data entry, but remember your larger purpose within the organization. Commit yourself to the company mission, and you’ll be more invested in your smaller tasks.

7. Talk to the Boss

Have a conversation. Is there more you can be doing? More you can be delegating? You won’t be able to be happy at work until you confront your supervisor on your biggest challenges. It’s possible there’s a simple solution for the problem plaguing you most while at the office. If you’re not making every effort to improve your situation, you won’t see results.

8. Money

If you feel unappreciated, you can try to increase your worth by requesting compensation. Ask for a raise. The worst your boss can say is no! Schedule a meeting, review your successes on the job, and see if your boss can accommodate a salary boost.

9. Request Professional Development

Feeling stale or stuck? Ask your company about professional development opportunities. If you can gain access to new skills or special training, you may feel inspired at work once again.

10. Monthly Meetups

Misery loves company! If you can’t find a way to improve your situation, create connections with your team. Happy hours and casual fun can provide a dual-purpose experience. You’ll develop relationships with your co-workers which will hopefully improve your work environment as well.

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