If you want to leave your current job in search of another industry, position, or company, we understand. Whether you’re struggling with a clash in leadership or you’re looking to focus your career on a different skill set, sometimes we feel trapped in our existing roles. Everyone has varying priorities they concentrate on during their professional journey. Some professionals crave flexibility, whereas others focus on their passion. Some are truly just in it for the cash. And sometimes these priorities change as well. If you’re looking for a new position due to any of these priorities, Here are some helpful tips that will help you look for a job while you work.

Keep Things Private

If you’re looking for a new position while still employed, the last thing you want is to alert your employer. Some may be in a lucky situation where your current boss is comfortable with you exploring new jobs, but this is rare. You should expect that if you are searching for a new job while employed, you do not want your supervisor to know about it. It’s essential to keep your job search under wraps right up until the moment you give notice. You are likely depending on your current job, so you need to make sure your new job search doesn’t jeopardize your existing role.

Watch for Revealing Slip-Ups

Hiding a job search from your boss shouldn’t be too hard in theory. You may think it’s as simple as keeping your work browser free from searches. However, there are so many components to finding a new position that you want to keep to yourself. We know it’s important to network to find a new opportunity, but not at the risk of your work colleagues finding out. Your boss may be suspicious if you wear a suit to work and request a long lunch: this behavior screams interview. Even if you want to confide in trusted coworkers that you intend to leave, we don’t recommend it. Even with the best intentions, people make mistakes and you need to protect your position.

Use Caution with References

Often on a job application, you will list your current supervisor when filling out your job history. If you are keeping your job search private, you need to specify at every stage that you do not want your new potential hiring manager to contact your current boss. Most professionals understand that job searching while employed can be delicate, and they will be careful not to endanger your job. However, if you don’t make hiring managers aware of this, they may reach out. Be clear as you apply and also in your interview that you strongly prefer that your current boss is not contacted.

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