It happens. You think someone is perfect for the position, but when that person starts they aren’t as great as you thought. Whether it’s just not the right fit, or they don’t have the skills they advertised, it’s difficult to fit a square peg into a round hole. How can you remedy the situation? Whether you need a slight path adjustment or a big decision, we can help you make the right move to help your team. Building a strong staff helps you take your company to the next level. Here are several tips on how to handle hiring the wrong person for the position.

Find a Mentor

One way to rectify a hiring mistake is to pair up your recent staff addition with a mentor. Identify a seasoned staff member with leadership abilities to show your recruit how to meet expectations. A mentor can show your employee exactly how to complete each item on their list, which can also quickly and efficiently speed up the onboarding process. If you can employ your best staff to inspire those that are struggling, you can create a great system where workers can learn from each other and improve their professional performance.

Make a Lateral Move

You’ve hired a candidate to become a new technician in your workshop, and it turns out they’ve overestimated their abilities. Firing them seems too strong, but they are not meeting expectations for their position. Consider making a lateral move and shifting them into a different role. Maybe they can execute different tasks in the warehouse, or maybe their skills are better suited for an administrative job. Turn your negative into a positive but truly matching your employee’s abilities with their role. Leaders that are quick to fire tend to have trouble bringing in great workers.

Change Hiring Techniques

It’s possible you need to expand your thinking. If you tend to hire duds, there may be an issue with your hiring process. Step back and review how you get your applicants, what your requirements are, and how the selection process goes. You might be able to identify that you’re pulling from the wrong applicant pool, or that you need a more hands-on interview process. Consider some new hiring angles — test your social media strategies or implement an employee referral process to inspire some different talent to apply to your postings.

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