Job seekers have enough challenges: repeatedly refreshing a resume, new cover letters for every post, and filling out demographic data again and again. It’s easy to feel defeated when you don’t hear back from hiring managers, and it’s tough to tell what’s worth applying to. Smart job seekers spend their energy wisely and avoid applying to bad jobs. Here’s how you can dodge the wrong jobs: read the description! We’ll give you our insight on how you can scan quickly and identify good and bad indicators during the application process.

Long Lists

If you have to scroll and scroll down the webpage to read the requirements for a position, there’s a problem. You’re looking at an indecisive hiring manager that doesn’t understand the market. Don’t feel intimidated when you see a posting seeks a ton of different skills. Questioning your competence for the job isn’t necessary. A long list typically means the author of the posting has multiple needs, perhaps too many. A big list of needs can also indicate this posting combines more than one position, meaning you’ll have to do the work of multiple employees on just one paycheck.

Vague Descriptions

The last thing you want to see in a job description is any ability or skill that is not concrete. Steer clear of any jobs that require “various errands” or mention the need to “be able to handle highly stressful situations”, that’s a warning sign. These may be things you’d run into in a job situation, but not providing specific information about what will be asked of you can be dangerous. Your job duties are a road map of the things you’ll be expected to handle while in the position, and agreeing to vague conditions may leave you wishing you’d asked for more details.

Brevity Can Be Bad

A job posting that’s too short should be a red flag. Typically, a solid hiring post is at least 500 words, up to 1,000. You need to know exactly what you’ll be getting yourself into if you get the job. If you don’t see enough content, an employer could be hiding something or posting inaccurate information. Expect a longer post in order to fully understand the job experience. If the listing is missing any basic data about the hours you’ll be expected to work or no salary information, be aware that it might not be the ideal job for your career path.

Poor Perspective

We see it all the time. Listings that discuss the needs of the employer, the expectations of the company, and the demands of the job can be intimidating and one-sided. Employers have to remember that they need to sell themselves too in order to bring in the best applicants. A job post that talks about what they want from the candidate and not what’s in it for the candidate means they may have an unsavory leadership style.

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