“I resolve to find the perfect fit for my professional skills this year!”

What if the right job doesn’t come to you? That’s why they call it the job hunt. Great career opportunities won’t just fall into your lap. Even if your networking is successful, there’s still work you need to do in order to earn a position. Job seekers know the importance of taking initiative and using your network to impress potential employers. The best way to land an interview for an impressive posting is to have a standout resume. Here’s how a revised resume can help you transition from the job hunt to a qualified hire.

Perform a Structure Swap

If you want your resume to stand out, it’s important to keep it fresh. Many industries now encourage more creativity when it comes to application materials like your resume and cover letter. Don’t be married to the structure of your resume, explore new professional options that can display your skills while grabbing the attention of a hiring manager. Some job seekers opt for a skills-based resume, which is great for recent graduates or applicants shifting industries.

Numbers Attract

One thing that even seasoned professionals can miss? Pumping your resume full of numbers. Facts and proof of your impact can show data on what you did to make an impact on your organization. Review your work experience to find any data you can include in your resume. Did you pioneer a marketing campaign that brought in 50 percent more clients? Did you create a tool that increased website traffic by 5,000 users? Percentages, measurable growth, and numbers that show your influence will set you apart from other candidates.

Keep It Concise

Your resume is the first thing an employer skims to determine if you’ll be a good fit. Make it easy to read and quick to read, or risk it going in the recycling bin. Many companies use software that scans resumes for buzzwords relevant to the posting, so check the listing carefully as you write your resume and cover letter. Think about the things you can eliminate now that it’s 2019: declaring a proficiency in Microsoft Word is no longer relevant. Additionally, keep your resume to one page wherever possible. It’s tempting to fill pages with your impressive accolades, but once you get to multiple pages, the hiring manager is bored and moving on.

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