Juggling your responsibilities can be reckless. Remembering and executing multiple tasks simultaneously overwhelms the senses and causes you to make simple mistakes. Don’t deceive yourself into thinking that you can accomplish more by multitasking. To remain effective, you need to give 100 percent to your top priority, rather than giving 10% percent effort to 10 different tasks. Your output simply won’t be the same. Making simple mistakes is the number one reason you should stop multitasking in 2019, and we’ll show you several more:  

Multitasking Hurts Your Work

Research shows it’s more effective to focus on one task than to work on multiple tasks. You may think you know what you can handle, but science says otherwise. When your brain splits its focus between two or more issues, you can’t effectively carry out your work. Although multitasking it touted as a coveted skill, it’s really a downfall. Not isolating your work makes you vulnerable to mistakes in your work or forgetting a task completely. Multitasking makes your brain susceptible to:

  • Extra distractions and vulnerability to noises
  • Unfinished work
  • Poor quality work

Don’t Get Sidetracked

Anything that derails staying focused on a task makes you struggle. Create a positive and productive work environment for yourself by shutting out distractions. It’s healthy to take breaks, switch tasks, and stretch your legs. But don’t let yourself get lost inside conversations or make the mistake of thinking you can straddle a few projects at once. Take each responsibility as it comes, and every task should be completed fully before the next one begins.

Stay Organized

Ever find yourself at work putting out a fire and forget what you were working on before? This is why it’s essential to focus on one task at a time. Getting lost in short-term tasks prevents you from accomplishing long-term projects. Whether you’re old-school or a modern professional, find a way to manage your tasks and sort them into priorities. Write things down in a list or find an app that can help you monitor what needs to get done. Organize all of your thoughts and to-dos into one master list, breaking it up into sections as needed. If you’re tech-inclined, try using Evernote or Trello. Evernote’s better for tasks of many categories, and Trello is perfect for visual learners. Experiment with everything to determine what will make you the most effective professional in your field.

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