Top leaders in Chicago are more focused than ever on creating a supportive and inclusive company culture. Finding new ways to cultivate a diverse workforce and show you support your staff can often become a challenge. Discussions about the nature of diversity can lead to conflict and miscommunication. If you’re looking for great ways to identify where you can improve the level of inclusion in your organization, here are five ways to make that change. 

1. Create Space to Learn 

Acknowledging that your business has room to grow is the first essential step to a more inclusive environment. You and your team have to start by confronting biases and making a conscious effort to create stakeholders is instrumental in company-wide change. Learn the meaning of diversity (it’s not just about race), and investigate the best ways you can support your existing staff through efforts to increase support. Voluntary professional development should coincide with mandated trainings that explore how to prevent and discuss discrimination and harassment.

2. Build Dynamic Partnerships 

To retain and recruit the widest range of staff members, team up with agencies that can help you focus on the bigger picture. Throughout Chicago, you can meet people with a variety of life experiences that can offer innovative ideas. Reaching them can help you achieve your goals of having a diverse company. Communicate with the following types of associations to recruit candidates that may have these varied experiences you seek from job seekers: 

  • Community-based partners 
  • Colleges and universities 
  • Non-profit organizations 

3. Assign a Delegate or Taskforce 

A specific recruiter designated to reach out on their own turf can be an effective and authentic way to recruit new candidates. A representative from your company networking at events can show your commitment to inclusivity while also helping gain traction in the community. A diverse and inclusive business environment doesn’t happen overnight, so invest time and personal capital into making it happen. Also, don’t forget that representation matters. View your panel of professionals through the lens of your job applicants. If your hiring team consists entirely of middle-aged white males, you’re not practicing what you preach.  

4. Language Matters 

Make sure all website copy,  job postings, and communication materials represent diversity and refrain from any bias. Accessibility on your website and on site are essential to including those with disabilities in your organization. Being thoughtful about pronouns shows respect to professionals of any gender. This includes internal marketing and correspondence as well. Keep your language within the office inclusive and supportive as well.  

5. Just Ask 

If you feel lost in a sea of suggestions and can’t conclude the best way to move forward to support your team and increase diversity, ask for help. The idea of a diversity “solution” that will fix your company’s ways is pure ignorance. There’s no quick fix that will perfect your organization’s inclusivity outlook. Small steps are key, and talking to your team is integral to helping them feel welcome and supported in the workplace.  

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