Your interview went well, your resume stacks up, and you haven’t heard a word. How often has this happened to you? You’ve sent your thank yous and asked about the timeline, but you haven’t received a rejection or an offer. It can be frustrating to remain out of the loop, wondering what comes next. If you have experienced this, you’re not alone and it’s probably not you. Here are a few reasons why a company might be going silent.  

Multiple Opinions 

Whether it’s a phone screen or a large panel interview, hiring is almost always a joint decision. Candidates have to contend with many different professionals throughout the interview procedure. This also means a variety of opinions. It’s possible you’re the perfect fit but HR takes a month to get the paperwork through, or that your interview panel needs to agree on the details of the position. It helps to know your industry. If you’re looking for a job in construction, the turnaround is fast and you can expect an answer quickly. Other industries can take weeks or months to move forward with the right candidate.  

Different Priorities 

As a job seeker, the number one thing on your mind is landing a position. Unfortunately, the reverse is typically true for an employer. More often than not, the person in charge of hiring has a thousand things on their list, and hiring is at the bottom. Between managing their existing team and handling day-to-day tasks, leaders have scarce time to analyze a job candidate. Priorities are different for leaders managing a team. Even if you’ve reached out to ask about the timeline or follow up, some companies don’t have time to respond manually to every inquiry. 

The Right Fit 

If you haven’t heard anything in over two weeks and you expected a response, there’s one possibility: it may be you. If you’re not qualified for the job, or you don’t stand out as a candidate? Nine times out of ten you’ll never get a call. Recruiters are focused on recruiting, not consoling candidates that missed the mark. If you haven’t heard back or get a rejection email, don’t despair. Focus on enhancing your search by teaming up with professionals. With the help of Davis Staffing, you can improve your abilities, your resume, and land the perfect position for your skill set.   

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