It happens: an employee quits and you’re left asking yourself how it happened. Some losses are more surprising than others. Adaptation is important for any manager because you’re going to have staff members quit on you. Have a plan to follow up, like keeping resumes on file or teaming up with a staffing agency, but take a hard look at why your employee left. You may get clued in on important developments or conditions that are driving people away. Experiencing some staff losses? Here’s why:

Appreciate Your Staff

One of the top reasons a worker leaves is because they are underappreciated. The importance of respecting and complimenting your staff cannot be underestimated. Invest time in your relationships with employees, and they’ll invest productivity in their duties. If you think you’re covering your bases, check again. Hosting a happy hour isn’t enough. Not sure how best to show appreciation? Talk to your team about how they prefer to receive feedback, and what you can do to show you care. If your idea of showing appreciation is free bagels once a week but half of your staff eats gluten-free, you’re not doing right by your people, and you can easily correct it. Don’t guess: find out! It’ll save everyone time and frustration.

Low Pay

Some clients tell us they’re experiencing turnover without end and can’t figure out how to make it stop. It’s not an option for everyone, but the fastest way to curb attrition is to raise base pay. A few more dollars an hour can make a huge difference to the people dedicating their days to your organization. You can also consider raises across the board, or invest in specific skill-based increases in pay. Low wages is one of the number one criticisms of departing workers. It’s also one of the largest reasons a potential applicant will overlook your job posting. If you’re not in the same pay range as your competitors, you have no chance of recruiting quality talent or keeping them on board.

Buy the Right Tools

Bad equipment or tough technology can really drive employees away. If your company isn’t current on functional equipment, it can be frustrating to a breaking point. This is one of the silent ways you lose staff retention. As a manager, it is your responsibility to make sure your employees have the resources they need to succeed. This means not just a phone and a computer at each workstation. It means efficient tools to succeed, which should include any necessary software for productivity and additional tools that can help. If you’re running a construction site and making workers calculate inventory by hand, you’re going to find yourself short on staff.

Work with a Staffing Agency

Staff loss is inevitable. Even if you ran the best company in the world, people will depart for their own reasons. Life happens. A quick and effective way to dodge the bullet of staff shortages? Have a relationship with a staffing agency to fill in the gaps. Teaming up with a Chicago agency like Davis Staffing can help you find the right people for your job listings and onboard them right away. With a staffing agency, you get to skip the tricky paperwork parts and get right back to work.

Partner with Davis Staffing

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