Ask your colleagues how they got their current job, and you’re bound to hear a few different answers. The options are unlimited these days – a friend or family member, Facebook Jobs, LinkedIn, or a number of different job sites. Even the classifieds can still do the trick for some. But are you embarking on the best job search possible for your needs? A personalized job search is essential in 2019, so here’s our guide on how to find the perfect position for you.

Attitude is Everything

Stay confident: the number one way job seekers sabotage their search is to get discouraged. Don’t get down; instead, focus on the positives. Think about interviews you’ve had or positive networking experiences and know that these are building blocks for your career. If you’re low on advantages, try thinking about the strides you’ve made. We’ve talked about the benefits of flooding the field with your resume: volume is key to getting hired. Feel more positive about your job search knowing you are pumping out applications, even if you’re not getting responses.

Personalize Your Materials

Have multiple versions of your resume for each discipline. If your search straddles a few career paths, such as administrative work as well as finance, do not use a one-size-fits-all resume. Employers can tell when your heart’s not in it, and the more accurately you can identify your job-specific strengths, the more likely you are to get the job. Start fresh for each cover letter to guarantee authenticity. If you’re using a cover letter more than once, you’re doing it wrong. Every posting requires a fresh look at how you can match your skills to the opening.

Go Public

Some job seekers conceal the most important part of their job search: the fact that they are looking! Whether you’re employed and trying to be discreet or not keen about advertising your recent unemployment, it’s important to get past your hangups and tell others you’re seeking a new position. Talk to your friends and family, and reach out to former colleagues. Asking for help will get you results.

Stay Vigilant

Be prepared for everything during the process and show you want it! Often employers will share that they didn’t feel confident the candidate was committed to the potential job. You should also be ready on the run. Whether you’re grabbing coffee or heading to a networking conference, an active job seeker is always vigilant. Don’t get caught without a business card or an elevator pitch. Always keep your resume up to date in case you receive a request for it. You never know when an opportunity will present itself.

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