As a manager, you are responsible for building and sustaining a diverse and effective team. Hiring candidates with different experience benefits your team because you can work from multiple viewpoints and work to the strengths of your staff. Perspectives beyond the standard are essential to above-average work. Diversity isn’t about skin color – it’s about a variety of life experiences converging to create a team that can confidently tackle any project. You want individuals on your team with different geographic backgrounds, religious beliefs, and philosophies. Here’s how you can cultivate a diverse team in the new year.

Hire Better

The first step to create a diverse team is to create a more effective hiring process. You may be excluding potentially valuable team members by your job description. For example, if you’re only submitting the post to the basic job boards, you may be missing out on fresh candidates that are more likely to use social media to find positions. Additionally, you can change the requirements to allow for a larger scope of applications. Remove the “preferred master’s degree” protocol and you’ll see new prospects pop up.

Diversity in Leadership

One of the most important ways your team needs to see diversity is in leadership roles. Employees in all walks of life should be represented in the chief positions, so it’s essential to not only recruit a variety of workers but also to focus on bolstering the training of your young workers. Allowing for professional development and learning opportunities can help you ensure your staff members will be ready when it’s time for a promotion.

Provide Training

You can increase the strength of your team by providing diversity training regularly throughout the year. It’s important to have a diverse team, but it’s also essential that you prepare your staff members to act inclusively and create a supportive environment in the workplace. Check with your organization’s resources to determine what seminars and trainings are available, or team up with community partners to seek out new options.

Create a Great Space

The best professionals are attracted to diverse, supportive working environments. The one way to cultivate a more diverse team is to create a great workplace. Cover everything from worker surroundings to compensation. You can invest in more comfortable furniture and upgraded technology, and you can plan get-togethers and team-builders to make your company a place that people look forward to coming to each day. Talk to your workers about what changes you’d like to see and implement all possible options to help boost morale and move toward a highly effective workplace.

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