Your career path is based on your short-term and long-term goals, and you can frame your priorities accordingly. But one thing to keep in mind is the trajectory of your career path. Some still assume the straight-line career path is the norm. This isn’t true – your path is going to be dynamic if you can demonstrate ambition and overcome challenges. Here’s the truth: the straight-line career path is a myth.

Moving Up

Contrary to popular opinion, people don’t just move up the chain in one organization. Career paths aren’t a straight, clear road. Finding your perfect role is like a maze. Each step you make takes you down a different path that can lead to a variety of options. Set up a one-on-one meeting with your supervisor or trusted advisor to ask them about their career path thus far. It can be incredibly informative and can show you that most seasoned managers haven’t stuck with the same company from an entry-level position. Careers zig and zag, so it’s important to embrace outside opportunities.

Develop Your Skills

Growing your skill set is one way you can ensure a transformative career path. Increasing your versatility as a candidate makes you a more desirable hire. Take skills from your work experience and continue to develop yourself as a professional. If you don’t see professional development opportunities, seek them. Check out what is available in your community, or create something! Talk to colleagues to find out what changes they want to see, and bring it to the table.

Adapting to Challenges

A primary element of career development is being the right candidate. What’s the best way to demonstrate professional growth? Adapting to the obstacles that come up every day on the job. Even if you stay in one role for a few years, you’ll receive new duties and you’ll be involved in different projects. In an interview, the hiring manager will ask situational questions about on-the-job occurrences. This may include when you’ve rectified a mistake, or how you handle conflict. Be prepared for these inquiries by remembering your professional side while you are at work each day, and learning what works best to overcome your daily struggles in the workplace.

Create the Right Connection

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