When you’re hunting for the right position, it can be tough to find the right fit through traditional avenues. Between newspaper classifieds and traditional listings, there aren’t always options that fit a modern lifestyle. Whether you’re unemployed or looking to shift your career, taking advantage of all of your options will guarantee a successful outcome. The best way to find the perfect job these days is to capitalize on social media.

Research Companies

Using social media to do the legwork before an interview is a great way to be prepared. Understanding the principles and vision of the company you’d like to work for is essential to succeeding in the interview. Check out any business on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to get a more authentic feel for their vision and principles. When your resume gets selected for a phone screen or in-person interview, you need to walk in with an understanding of what the company does and how they stand out among their competitors.

Create Your Brand

Social media can be a terrific opportunity to brand yourself. If you’re looking for a new position, use the “About Me” section on your social media profiles to tell others what you bring to the table. If you’re an aspiring or practicing specialist, include that in your tagline. You should always make it clear on your pages where your expertise lies.

“Fun-loving marketing pro, born and bred in Chicago.”

An “about me” or info section including info like this shows potential employers exactly what you’re about. Hiring managers are also looking for a good fit, so don’t be afraid to display your personality on social media.

Social Media Resources

Utilize your existing network to find new opportunities. These days, a simple post can get you the exposure you need, depending on your industry. Here are just a couple ways you can use certain websites to your advantage:

Facebook Jobs

A newer tool, Facebook Jobs allows you to view local listings. You can find Facebook jobs by logging into your page and clicking the “See More” link under the “Explore” column on the left side of the page. Find “Jobs” – it’ll have a small brown briefcase icon beneath it. As you view positions, you can select “Apply Now” when you see a promising posting.


One of the go-to resources for job-seekers, LinkedIn provides professional networking opportunities with your peers. Expand your network by seeking connections from coworkers, classmates, and friends. Ask your colleagues to endorse you for certain skills to show employers you are a versatile candidate. You can also read and respond to thought-provoking articles related to any industry.

Work With a Top Staffing Agency in Chicago

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