As a temporary hire, you may start feeling pressure toward the end of your assignment. Whether you’ve had a positive or negative experience, you need to prepare for what’s next. It’s best to stay ahead of the game, especially if you’re entering the job hunt. Candidates are often not prepared after they leave an assignment, so you want to set yourself apart by making the most of your remaining time. There are a few things you need to settle before your assignment is over.

Talk To Your Recruiter

Reach out to your recruiter! Start that process before your assignment is over. Remind your recruiter the date you’ll be available so they can start searching for a great fit. Find out if they have any recommendations for next steps, or if they know of any opportunities. Additionally, you want to touch base with them about your performance. If there are specific areas where you can improve, you want to know about them as soon as possible.

Talk To Your Co-Workers

Networking doesn’t start when you leave your position, it should begin before you’ve left. Reach out to your coworkers to see if they know of any jobs. They’ve been working with you, so they’ll know what kind of position would suit your skills. Chatting up your colleagues is a great way to make connections as your assignment is ending. Ask about available work in the industries or networking ideas they may have for you.

Talk To Your Manager

Before you depart, it’s so important to thank your supervisor for the opportunity. No matter your personal feelings, you need to show gratitude. A positive reference from this employer is your ticket to bigger and better things. Whether you were close friends or didn’t work well together, remember that they’ve given you a lesson in some way or another. You’ll also want to make sure you mention you’d like to stay on if you feel it would be a good fit. Don’t be shy about wanting to continue working in your current role, because there may be a spot for you that you aren’t aware of.

Review Your Materials

Now is the time to update your resume. All of your job search materials should be in order. Confirm that you have updated contact information listed, and make sure your resume has been peer-reviewed. Even if you’ve triple-checked your documents, another set of eyes can provide much-needed insight. Perhaps you’ve made a spelling error, or maybe you’re missing something important in your content. Heading into your job search with updated materials is essential to being prepared.

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