Is your job hunt not going the way you’d like it to? Are you seeking a new approach? A skills-based resume is a terrific way to showcase your abilities and stand out among other candidates. Your potential employer will be able to see right away what you bring to the table. Should you have a skills-based resume? The typical reverse chronology resume is not the only method that can be used to obtain successful employment. Read on to find out how this new tactic may work to your advantage.

What is a Skills-Based Resume?

A skills-based resume focuses not on the companies that have employed you, but instead on the experience and abilities you’ve gained throughout your career. You’ll be able to showcase your abilities instead of talking about all of your different jobs. This format may be the right fit for you depending on your skills and experiences. This strategy also allows you to cater to the position you’re applying for – you can match the skills you have to the qualifications an employer is seeking.

Is a Skills-Based Resume Right for Me?

Using this method depends on firstly, what your skill set is. If you’ve got extensive practice in a side skill that isn’t a part of your career experience, a skills-based resume can be a great fit. If you’re switching careers or you’re lacking paid and professional experience, organizing your experience by skill can be beneficial. Showing the true scope of your relevant abilities is necessary to getting an interview opportunity. Certain industries may favor this format as well. This also may work for you if you want your information to look dynamic rather than traditional or redundant.

What Should I Include?

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been with a skills-based resume: it’s about what you can do. Lead with your best-honed abilities in a skills-based resume, and don’t be afraid to list any relevant information. Be strictly truthful with your skill set: you don’t want to get caught exaggerating your experience, especially when you’re utilizing a resume format that cuts right to the point. Choose three to five major skills to discuss, and then elaborate on your experience and training with those abilities. Although the emphasis is on your skills, you should include your employment at the bottom of the page, acting as a footer. A brief mention of your previous employers will give a full picture of your career thus far.

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