Lending a helping hand can be more than a service to your community, there can also be personal benefits. Giving back can allow you to gain perspective as well as experience. The following tips can help you see how volunteering can be a path to a profession, and determine if it’s the right step for you.

Casual Networking

Volunteer work provides a superb opportunity to meet people and demonstrate your skills. Hiring managers value extra experience and a well-rounded resume. Being able to introduce yourself to other volunteers or community leaders will provide new connections to expand your professional network. Since you have a common interest in volunteering or in helping a shared cause, then you already have a starting point to start with casual networking.

Self-Reflection and Character

Volunteer work also allows for personal assessment. If you’ve been on the job hunt for a while and you’re feeling a bit stuck, take the time to reflect. Also, providing a service to the community will allow for personal development and skill expansion. You may be able to improve your talents or find new ones that will appeal to potential employers. Beyond those talents or finding new skills, you also can improve your self-confidence and start to feel better about yourself, which should help your job search.

Local Organization or Charity

Reach out to a local non-profit and invest your time. Even committing to something as simple as serving in a soup kitchen can develop your skills in communication and empathy. Volunteering for a local non-profit will allow you to show your commitment to the local organizations and will also show support for the community. Find a situation where you feel comfortable and donate your time to help those in need.

Professional Organization

Alternatively, if there’s a company you’re looking to impress, ask if they need volunteers. If there are no available paid opportunities, pitch in without pay. You’ll get inside information about the inner workings of the business, and the staff will get to see your work ethic in action. This is the best way to make a positive impression of your abilities in real-life applications.A great way to get involved through volunteering professionally is through special events. It could be a 5K, bike race or any other fundraising event. A corporation could be sponsoring or presenting the event, and that’s a natural way to find local decision makers.

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