Mornings can be tough at work- the first five minutes can be incredibly stressful when everything gets thrown at you. Every task seems urgent and time-sensitive when you’re presented with all of it as you walk in the door. To prevent being anxious and overwhelmed, Davis Staffing has five tips on how best to ready yourself for a full day at the office. Embracing these guidelines consistently will make you more productive and less stressed as the pressures of the day come at you.

1. Prepare for the Day

One of the best things you can do to improve your work day is to begin the night before. Make sure you’ve got breakfast ready for tomorrow and set that alarm. ComposeĀ an outfit and a lunch, make necessary preparations for the morning, and do your best to limit screen time. Get yourself in the right mindset. Winding down with a book rather than emails will help you sleep far better. This, in turn, will improve your productivity the next day.

2. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

This will ensure you can make it through the day and stay focused and driven. Getting a solid eight hours is crucial for brain function – it allows your brain to recover from the previous day and prepare for the upcoming one. A full evening of rest will keep you attentive and also prevent an afternoon energy crash. You want your mind to hone in on your project, so why not maximize your chance of success?

3. Eat a Breakfast that is right for you

Fuel yourself for your personal best. If you find you work best with a yogurt at your desk, embrace it. But consider a hearty, warm breakfast to harness your best energy. Or maybe you’re more of a smoothie person. Any way you slice it, start your day with food that will give you enough energy to boost yourself in the morning and create your best work.

4. Set Your Goals for the Day

Act with intention. Make a detailed list of what you need to get done today, and then schedule the time to do each task. Even making an appointment to take a break and sticking to that schedule can benefit your brain. Set goals high, and don’t be too worried if you don’t meet them all. Chances are, by setting the bar high, you’ll achieve more than you would have without being mindful of what you intend to achieve, Begin the day with whatever works for you; a list at your desk, a chat with a coworker, or just a mental note to keep present in your thoughts.

5. Take a Deep Breath, Meditate: Anything that works

Set your tone for the day. Attitude is everything, so put yourself in a positive head space. Be present in your situation, and think about what’s to come. Take a moment before you sit down and bury your head in your work. A moment to reflect and prep will come in handy if you’re feeling the pressure later in the day. If you enjoy meditation as a means to center yourself, find time for it at home or in a quiet space at work. Take on the day as it comes your way– don’t let it take you.

Being in the moment and embracing a busy work day is what Davis Staffing is all about. Our top professionals can assist with whatever you need. Contact us today to learn more about what we do as a top staffing agency in Chicago!