In the quest for a better job, very often people are tempted to quit their current job before they have a new one. The thought process is that they will have more time to search for a job and go to interviews. However, not having a job can actually hamper your ability to get one. Learn why you should hang on to the job you have currently while you seek alternative career options.

1. Recruiters often view unemployed people as less worthy

For some reason, maybe it’s because of a lack of productivity, but hiring managers and recruiters tend to devalue candidates who are currently unemployed. In fact, some won’t even consider a candidate who isn’t currently employed. It’s not fair, but if you are an adult who should be working, the recruiter will see this as a red flag if you have quit a job before you have a new one.

2. It can hurt your potential references (burns bridges)

When you quit a job without having a new one lined up, even if you give two-week notice, this decision can damage your references. The people you worked for, your former supervisor, and others may look negatively at you and therefore won’t have anything positive to say. They may even ignore requests for information.

3. You have to answer “Why did you quit your job?” from here on out

As if interviews weren’t awkward enough, but when you quit your job before having something else waiting, you will be questioned about this repeatedly. Do you really want to be put in the hot seat about this decision? While some job situations can be really toxic, leaving an organization can call into question your commitment.

4. Job offers can and do fall through, so you lose income

Uh oh, you thought you had the job in the bag and then the recruiter called to inform you that the company has decided not to hire you. Or that the job offer has been cancelled due to company budget cuts, and they won’t be hiring for at least six months. These things can and do happen. Don’t be stuck with no job offer, leading to no income.

An alternative to quitting your job is to register with a temporary staffing agency and take on temp assignments until the right job comes along. You’ll leave the job you hate and you can be earning money and learning new skills in the meantime.

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