Davis_January2015_NewYearsJobseekers often tend to continue with the same resume format and present all details in the exact same way for a period of months and years. Very few jobseekers – and even those who are presently employed – consider updating their resume regularly. Even fewer jobseekers opt for a makeover. It is not only necessary to have all the latest information in your resume but also to work on its design, format and presentation of facts to stay relevant in changing times.

Does your resume need a New Year’s makeover? Absolutely yes, if you are looking for a new job and even if you aren’t looking for a new job, an impressive resume has never hurt anyone.

Here are some ways you can give your resume the makeover it deserves.

Ditch the Template

The last time you had reviewed your resume, you had possibly used a template. That template may be considered old or out-of-date right now. There are new resume templates available right now that could be much more impressive than the one you had used. It is always wise to check out new formats, certain designs or layouts that are creating a buzz and templates that companies are looking for. Recruiters or human resource managers often look for certain styles of resumes. They find it convenient. If you can use a template that will be considered for a particular job or by a certain company, then you have a greater chance of getting your resume viewed or studied.

Share Your New Skills

Most professionals acquire or develop new skills as any individual grows with experience. Starting a new year is a great time to update your resume with all of your newly acquired skills and to provide evidence of growing experience. One may not have accomplished distinct achievements in the past year to talk about, but any relevant development or relatively desirable accomplishment must get highlighted in the resume. These are sufficient reasons to give your resume a makeover because you want hiring managers to notice your most recent and impressive accomplishments.

Companies Notice Updated Resumes

You should know that online job portals and any staffing agency is likely to prioritize resumes that have been updated recently. They consider such applicants or jobseekers to be in immediate need of jobs. Also, those jobseekers with updated resumes are seen as serious contenders since they have taken the trouble to make the changes and promote themselves in the best light possible. You shouldn’t just update the same resume online. Make changes to the actual document and upload the reviewed and all new resume to get the necessary traction.

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