Bilingual Skills Stand Out in the Job MarketMany companies operate on a global scale, therefore they value candidates who are bilingual the most for their ability to communicate with clients from other countries. In fact, a Rosetta Stone survey revealed that bilingual employees earn at least $10,000 more per year than other employees. In regions and industries where being fluent in a second language is desired, any candidate can leverage this skill to get a better salary and career opportunity.

If you have bilingual skills, you’ll want to position yourself in the best possible way in order to show off these skills to potential hiring companies. How can you help highlight your bilingual skills to stand out as a candidate?

Fill out the bilingual section on job applications

Most applicant tracking systems ask candidates if they speak other languages. Make sure you complete this section and indicate if you can speak, read, or write fluently in a second and even a third language. If there isn’t a language section, include this information on your resume, cover letter, and the notes section of the application.

Demonstrate your bilingual skills on the job

Just because you are bilingual doesn’t make you a better candidate. This is a factor, but you also have to be able to demonstrate how this skills applies to real-world job experiences. Find a way to use your bilingual skills to improve some aspect of your current job (or one you held recently). For example, was there a special project or circumstance where your bilingual skills solved a business problem?

Indicate the cultural aspects of being bilingual

In many jobs, hiring managers are not only looking for those who can speak other languages – they also want candidates who have a deeper understanding of other cultures. If you were to work with remote team members in another country, how would you be able to manage and overcome any cultural barriers? Be ready to explain this understanding to hiring managers about the unique perspective you can bring to the company.

Show your bilingual skills in the interview

Whenever you are interviewed, be sure to let the hiring manager know you speak other languages fluently and be ready to use this skill when answering questions. You could answer first in your other tongue and then say it in English. This will help prove you have what it takes to be flexible when it comes to being bilingual, and this will help you to stand out from other candidates.

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