Illinois Staffing Agency Tip: Should I Include a Photo on My Resume?

With many job seekers turning to social networks to find work, it’s not surprising that some wonder if a photo can be as effective on a resume as it is on a social profile. Resumes are just one of the various tools that candidates can use to get in front of hiring companies, but they generally do not warrant the use of photos. However, there may be times when a photo is something that can and should be used on a resume for the purposes of standing out as a candidate.

Let’s explore this matter a little more with tips on when it’s the right time to add a photo to a resume, and when it’s not advised. Here are some general rules concerning the use of resume photos.

When the resume is for emailing or snail-mailing to potential employers.

If you plan to send out your resume to hiring companies or to respond to job advertisements via postal mail, the use of a photo is not required. Adding a photo can be tacky and it may not print well on the receiving end, actually working against your efforts. Some recruiters will not open an email image attachment and your message may go directly to spam.

When the resume is used to apply to company career portals and temporary staffing agencies.

Applying to job listings on a company career website or through the online application process of a temporary staffing agency means you will leave off your photo. Instead, use a left-oriented text only resume that will transmit your information correctly to the online form.

When the resume is given out at career fairs and industry events.

If you are heading to a job fair or career event, or if you are planning on stopping by to introduce yourself at an industry event – leave the photo off your resume. Instead, get a set of professional calling cards made for yourself and hand these out with attached copies of your resume for a more polished approach.

When the resume is strictly published digitally on a personal profile page.

Technology savvy job seekers have begun to ditch the traditional resume format and instead are turning to digital resumes published on profile websites. This is when a photo is effective. There are free professional networking and resume templates available on WordPress, and a professional headshot photo is one of the key elements.

When the resume is uploaded to a social media or professional network.

Again, if you are connecting with hiring companies and recruiters via online sources, then a photo is a must. Add a professional headshot to your social media profiles, professional networks and portfolio pages. This helps people to get to know you a little better before they call you for an interview.

When the resume is for a speaker, performer or public communications professional.

In the case of those individuals who work in the public communications or performance space, a photo and even a series of professional photos are necessary. Get a photographer to create these for you and put your best foot forward, whether you use an online portfolio or a speaker sheet.

When an employer asks for a photo to accompany a resume and cover letter.

There may be some cases when an employer will ask for a photo during the application process. This is actually something that can be awkward and unnecessary, often bordering on discriminatory hiring practices. Avoid applying for jobs that require a photo upfront and instead send a resume sans the photo – unless it meets the requirements of the job in a public role like television, performance, or media.

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