Trying to find work can be difficult in Illinois and any other state, which is why many employees turn to staffing agencies. Staffing agencies work with both employees and employers, making them popular with job seekers who’d like to connect with hiring companies. In the state of Illinois, staffing agencies can help job seekers obtain work on a temporary basis or on a contract-to-hire basis; part time to full-time.

For the most part, the companies that contract for temp employees pay the staffing agency in Illinois their required fees. This means that employees do not have to spend any money in their search for a job.

Use the Internet to Find Staffing Agency in Illinois

For those job seekers in Illinois who have access to the Internet, this can be the best place to find staffing agencies in the state. By doing a simple search using your favorite search engine, you should be provided with hundreds of results that you can whittle down based on your preferences. You could even search for a staffing agency by your residential zip code or by the name of the city in which you would like to work in Illinois. Type in “staffing agency” or “temporary jobs” and you’ll likely see a directory of the best staffing agencies come up in your region.

Visit the IL Workforce Services

Another option is to visit the Illinois workforce development office for some help. The workforce coaches will be able to provide you with brochures and other information on some of the local staffing agencies in your area. They will also be able to show you what agencies may be hiring at present, if they are added to their job bank. This will give you a head start on other people looking for a job because the workforce agency will know your intentions. You can also learn of possible training and education options that may be available to help you improve your skills.

Find Temporary Agencies in Social and Business Networks 

There are also ways to find Illinois Staffing agencies using social networks, like LinkedIn and Facebook. Login to your social account and search for “staffing in Illinois” or search by the name of your city. Check out temporary jobs by using this as search terms. Local business networks can also put you in touch with staffing agencies in larger metropolitan areas like Chicago, so check with the local Chamber of Commerce, industry associations, and other business networks where companies mingle.

Staffing Agencies are for Job Seekers Too

Contrary to what many people believe, job seekers can use staffing agencies just as much as employers use them. When an individual needs career support, he or she can register with a staffing agency to find a job. The agency will put together a profile that details your work history and educational background so it can begin a lengthy search for you. Many companies hire directly through staffing agencies and never list open assignments anywhere, so a staffing agency in Illinois can fast-track your career success.

Staffing agencies will also help you prepare for job interviews, edit your resume and cover letter, and advise you on which jobs to apply for or not. Working with a staffing agency makes your search for a job much easier. You will no longer have to sift through the career page of the newspaper, spend hours on Internet job boards, or make cold calls to companies in your area. Staffing agencies in Illinois know which companies have job openings, what those jobs are, and if you match the required expertise needed to fill the position.

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