Looking for a new job can be a stressful process for anyone. The fear of the unknown and the feeling of not being in control can cause anxiety. Some people worry they may not be able to find employment especially in an economic downturn. Job seekers may become frustrated with continual rejection from employers. Recognizing the signs of anxiety can help to deal with them.

Stress can be produced by job seekers in different situations. For people employed, anxiety can come from trying to find a job around work hours without having their employer find out. For people just starting a job search, uncertainty of how to approach the process can cause tension. People out of work for a lengthy period of time may grow frustrated and discouraged.

There are many warning signs of anxiety caused by job search activities.  Some of the signs are physiological and others are caused by behavioral and socialization issues. By recognizing these warning signs, job seekers can learn how to deal with them and improve their job search.

Some of the signs are physical in nature. People experiencing stress through a job search may experience a depressed mood due to a lack of positive results. Insomnia from worrying about the loss of income and how to support a family can produce additional physical anxiety. Stress can also induce weight gain or weight loss in individuals as they become less affected by proper eating habits.

The effects of anxiety may negatively affect interactions with others and their normal lifestyle. People may withdraw from normal activities as anxiety causes them to become more insular. They may be less involved with family as they become preoccupied with issues of not finding employment.  People may feel increased weight on their shoulders and be set off by things that did not upset them before. Long term unemployment can even lead to alcohol and substance abuse.

Personal negative feelings may also start to develop. People can start to have feelings of shame by not being able to accomplish their goals. Helplessness can set in when people feel a lack of control in their lives. Hopelessness can also set in as the job search progresses over a period of time with no discernable results.

But there is hope. By first recognizing these common job search anxiety symptom and then taking steps to minimize them, you can improve your overall job search. Start by changing the goals of the job search. It may be necessary to adjust for more reachable goals. Reflect on what works and does not work in the job search and try to improve areas that are deficient. Keep an open mind so you are prepared for any opportunity. Recognize that some positions were not meant to be. Treat each setback as a learning opportunity to improve the job search.

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